Graco Inc.

InvisiPac HM25 for 2 steps in the production line

SEM, Sistemas En Marcha, a Spanish company located in Onda, recently built a new plant to polish and square PLP tiles. For their new production line, they needed a safe, fast start-up with no down-time due to nozzle plugging or charring issues.

 11kg per hour melt rate

Graco’s local distributor Domo3, proposed two Graco InvisiPac™ HM25 tank-less hot melt application systems. One unit was installed with 2 hoses and swirl applicators to apply wax swirls on tiles to avoid damage on stocking. The second unit was installed with 4 hoses and standard applicators for 2 different applications: closing carton wraps around tiles and stocking tile boxes by 2 or 3, just before a robot pallet application. Initially, SEM had planned to install three standard melt-tank units, one for each application. However, thanks to the design of InvisiPac that has a small melt chamber of 0.6 kg and a melt rate above 11kg/hour, three applications could be covered with only two InvisPac units.

 Auto refill system & non-char design

InvisiPac is equipped with an automatic refill system which permits the line supervisor to focus solely on the quality of the production without being distracted by having to manually refill the hot melt tanks with all the risks of charring. This integrated vacuum system feeds the melt chamber with pellets as required by the line. The low capacity of the melt chamber, associated to the free-flow design ensures a non-char production that enables PLP-SEM to use a low cost hot melt adhesive without the risk of adhesive degradation or nozzle plugging. These features also permit SEM to maintain its safety and clean-zone policy. With the InvisiPac’s start-up time of 10 minutes, SEM has more production flexibility, less energy consumption and has improved its production and efficiency rate.