Graco Inc.

An innovative hot-melt system: Graco’s Invisipac

InvisiPac HM 25

Graco is very proud to introduce “the most innovative Hot-Melt System in years”: the Invisipac.

The Invisipac is a hot-melt system specialized for the packaging market. It uses an integrated vacuum system to feed adhesive pellets to an in-line melt chamber. A sensor monitors the adhesive in the chamber and additional pellets are automatically added based on the demand of the application. With its efficient heat transfer design, the InvisiPac System has adhesive throughput capability equivalent to, or better than many hot-melt tank systems.

Advantages? A continuous flow of adhesive during production that significantly reduces the time adhesive remains at high temperature; less time at high temperature means less char, less maintenance and more uptime; with its tank-free design, the adhesive spends less time at high temperature, significantly reducing char and its negative side effects. You get great performance – even from low cost adhesives.

We invited several of the leading hot-melt material manufacturers to visit the Graco facilities to see this innovative hot-melt system first-hand.  We were happy to welcome Jowat AG, Planatol Adhesive GmbH, cph Deutschland Chemie Produktions- und Handelsgesellschaft GmbH, Beardow & Adams (Adhesives) Ltd, HB Fuller Deutschland GmbH, BRCS, Bostik and Intercol BV.

Graco provided all the technical information related to the Invisipac and showed them how this innovative hot-melt system can improve packaging lines. After reviewing all the features and benefits of the Invisipac, the participants agreed that the Invisipac has a great future in the packaging market!