Graco Inc.

A better stocking solution with Graco Invisipac


The company Grupo Palazon y Mira, in Alicante, Spain, produce and stock marble slabs. To avoid a vacuum effect when stocking the slabs one against another, they were introducing a piece of paper between the slabs. They needed a new and easier solution to stock their marble slabs, one which would keep air circulating between the slabs to avoid the vacuum effect, reducing manual work and damage to the marble.


The local Graco distributor, Domo3, proposed the application of wax tears on the marble slabs to let air circulate between the slabs when they are stocked. The new Graco Invisipac was used to apply heated wax on the marble slabs. The Invisipac was configured with one hose and a simple manifold for a valve with electro-valve.


Palazon y Mira now stocks all the marble slabs of their production automatically. Today with some tears of wax applied automatically with the Graco Invisipac and the waxing machine, Palazon y Mira has reduced the amount of manual work and can stock all marble slabs automatically, providing better quality and less damage to the marble.



End-user: Grupo Palazon y Mira, Alicante, Spain

Industry market sector: Marble market

Application: Wax

Material specifications: Guerola Wax 

Typical properties: Wax is delivered in pellets and is heated at 140-145°C to dispense on the marble tear-by-tear

Graco Equipment: Invisipac with one channel and 1 valve

Configuration: Invisipac triphasic with neutral, 1 channel, 1 hose 3 meter, 1 manifold for 1 valve, 0.10 diameter tip

Graco Distributor Details: Instalaciones Electricas Domo3,