Graco Inc.

Replacing a standard old tank with InvisiPac hot melt on demand system

Syngenta is a French seed producer located in Nerac. They were using a Curti packaging line for sealing the “top & bottom” of boxes of treated seeds. Syngenta was experiencing some issues with their standard hot-melt tank delivery system, such as nozzle plugging, the build-up of char, security issues as well as a very long warm-up time. After a presentation of the benefits that the Graco InvisiPac™ could bring to the line, Syngenta agreed to give Graco the opportunity to install the tank-free hot melt system.

Automatic feeding system

Graco proposed an InvisiPac HM25 tank-free hot melt delivery system, equipped with four highly efficient Graco heated hoses. It has a vacuum system which automatically refills the hot melt pellets into a very small melt chamber: a real tank-free, melt-on-demand system. The InvisiPac automatically feeds the system with the right amount of adhesive required by the application. Each hose has a quad applicator applying upwards on the bottom and downwards on the top of the box. Extra reporting features are also available which now enables Syngenta to collect information regarding adhesive consumption and unit performance.

Benefits & Savings

Immediately after the installation, Syngenta enjoyed the main benefits of InvisiPac, such as a 10-minute start up time, no char, nor nozzle plugging and very good application (even for the upwards bottom bead). There was no lost time due to refilling and data download on hot melt consumption and events was available for analysis.  The result is a cleaner area and larger space next to the package line.  Syngenta is also now free to work with any hot melt producers, but is also free to choose EVA or metallocene based hot melt. After installation, the production and maintenance managers were very satisfied with their new purchase.