Graco Inc.

Resin infusions for wind blade moulds


The Danish company, Dencam Composite, produces composite tooling for many large players in the wind, marine and automobile industries. The company is currently expanding their business to encompass the production of steel frames.

In the past, Dencam Composite manually mixed large quantities of resin in preparation for the infusion of wind blade moulds. On preparing the mix, the material often cured during or before infusion and the manual process was the cause of much inaccurate mixing.  Both of these processes led to a high waste of material, additional costs and quality problems.

Dencam Composite needed to eliminate these problems and turned to Air-Tech, Graco’s local distributor, for a suitable solution. Air-Tech, advised them to use Graco’s VRM unit resin mixer. This unit is reliable, easy to use and saves cost and time.

Accurate & on-demand mixing

Dencam’s factory mixes two Biresin materials from Sika. These materials are mixed and dispensed on-demand by the Graco VRM unit. By mixing on-demand, the material doesn’t cure before it is infused. For Dencam Composite, this means less waste, less staff and less time needed to complete the job. Another advantage is the VRM’s mobility: it can easily be moved around the production facilities.

Reduced costs, increased quality

Dencam Composite was very happy with the outcome. The Graco VRM unit solved their problems: less waste material, reduced costs and a higher quality mix.  The VRM unit proved it’s reliability by offering an efficient mixing process and a high quality result.