Press release - March 16, 2022

Introducing new precise metering pumps for fluid transfer

Dosing exact amounts of material with the SoloTech peristaltic pump

Graco recently expanded its SoloTech hose pump line. The SoloTech-range now includes models for hygienic applications and additional sizes for industrial installations.

The Graco Solotech peristaltic pumps are designed with the purpose of creating a market-leading robust, reliable and durable metering, dosing and transfer pump. It’s the ideal pump for slurries, solids and abrasives in hygienic applications or to pump caustic, abrasive or sensitive fluids in industrial installations.

Accurately metering ingredients in hygienic production lines

Metering ingredients in the hygienic and sanitary spaces is often a major pinch point in the operation of a food, beverage and personal care production line. Graco SoloTech hose pumps deliver the exact amount of material when and where you need it allowing you to step away from manual inputs.

A reliable partner in your process for sanitary and industrial applications

SoloTech pumps utilize the unique single roller design to reduce compressions on the hose, reduce friction and temperature, and increase flow per revolution. This results in increased hose life, millions of cycles without fail and lower operating costs compared to other technology.

Easy to clean and inexpensive to maintain

Cleaning pumps and hoses in place saves your workforce precious time. Your labour costs go down and your productivity goes up when switching a process to new flavours. Our reciprocating positive displacement pumps are very inexpensive to maintain without valves, seals or glands, and easy access to maintenance points.

Discover the SoloTech range

  • Industrial and Hygienic models
  • 6mm up to 32mm hoses
  • Metering capability 25ml up to 65liters per minute
  • AC and Brushless DC motors available for all sizes

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