XP Plural Component Sprayers

Engineered for projects that require faster-setting two-part coatings, Graco XP Sprayers are easy to use and provide on-ratio, excellent spray quality for fast-curing materials.


Mix Manifold

  • Provides simple fluid control for mixing or flushing
  • Accurately dispenses A and B fluids to the static mix tube
  • Handles high-solids coatings with large ports and low pressure drop
  • Choose to use mix manifold remotely to reduce solvent and material waste

Xtreme ® Pump lowers

  • Standard Severe Duty & coating on rods and cylinder maximises wear life
  • Quick knockdown design and throat seal cartridges provide fast and easy maintenance
  • Multiple sizes available to provide various fixed mix ratios
  • Easily change one or both lowers to get the desired mix ratio

NXT or XL high-pressure air motors to handle high-viscosity coatings

  • Rated up to 500 bar (7250 psi, 50 MPa) to handle viscous materials and long hose lengths
  • Standard anti-icing feature means production won't stop due to motor icing
  • Modular design for easier maintenance
  • Rugged body armour won't rust or dent

Material Hoppers

  • Side-mounted 26 litre (7 gal) hoppers hold A and B components until it's time to spray
  • Made of rugged polyethylene - unaffected by harsh solvents
  • Optimised for direct pump feed

Outlet manifold and valves

  • Fluid pressure gauges to monitor pump output
  • Provides automatic overpressure relief
  • Includes circulation back to the supply for pump priming, purging, or relieving outlet pressure
  • Allows fluid warm-up circulation when optional heaters are used


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