How to achieve the best results with electrostatic spray painting guns

5 simple steps to get the best finish quality and transfer efficiency with electrostatic sprayers.

Electrostatic paint guns have a number of benefits, including an excellent finish quality and a very high transfer efficiency of up to 90%. To get the full benefit of electrostatic guns you can follow a few simple steps. There are several factors in the spray booth that can impact the effectiveness of electrostatic painting. 

By following these simple steps, you will see an increase in production, a decrease in material usage and money savings in the long run.

Proper gun setup

The right air and fluid pressure are critical for transfer efficiency. Too much air pressure will cause turbulence in the sprayed material, resulting in excessive overspray and reduced transfer efficiency. The key is to use high enough air pressure to get a high-quality spray pattern, but low enough to optimise transfer efficiency. Fluid pressure should be minimised to reduce bounce-back of material on the substrate.

Spray pattern height

Your spray pattern height needs to match the part you are spraying. Material blow-by from too large a spray pattern reduces transfer efficiency. The tip should be sized to the largest spray pattern height for your parts, but not bigger. We recommend purchasing a spray gun with a fan pattern adjustment knob. As your part size varies, the operator can use it to adjust the spray pattern height to match the part.

Operator technique

Operator technique can affect transfer efficiency by 10 to 30%. Because of this, operators should be trained on the correct spray techniques so transfer efficiency is maximised. Training should include spraying the right distance from the part, spraying perpendicular to the part and triggering and de-triggering at the right time.

Grounding in the spray booth

All components in the spray booth must be properly grounded to optimise electrostatic guns. This includes the operator, the parts being sprayed, the electrostatic gun and other objects in the spray booth. Next, the spray booth and gun both need to be clean. Using gun covers and clean part hangers increases the ability of the coating material to be attracted to the part.

Air conditions in the spray booth

Air conditions in the spray booth also impact the transfer efficiency of your electrostatic gun. Crossdrafts, downdrafts and high-velocity air exhaust can deflect the paint away from the target, decreasing the operating efficiency of the electrostatic system. Temperature and humidity can also significantly affect the efficiency of electrostatic systems. Ideally, the booth should be an enclosed, controlled environment.

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