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Complete Insulated System for Waterborne Electrostatic Application



The company Grillo Srl produces agricultural and gardening machines in Cesena, Italy. To paint the machines, frames and other parts, they proceed into two steps. First, 1K or 2K waterborne paint is applied via a liquid finishing application. Secondly, the finishing coat is applied via a powder coating application. Both applications of the paints (liquid and powder) are carried out with electrostatic guns.


GS Verniciature proposed the following technical solution: an insulated system consisting of an insulated cabinet with a containment tank for the paint (pictures 1,2). The system feeds two different spray booths and the paint hose that feeds the guns is totally insulated.

Each spray booth is independent from the other, so it’s possible to manage two different working pressures, as well as to spray in the first booth and at the same time flush the system in the other booth. If only one spray gun is used, the gun in the other spray booth is housed in a special sheath of insulating material to prevent leakage of current.

When the operator requires the maintenance status via a special pneumatic selector, it stops the air flow to the gun turbine, the system connects to the ground and the security door lock permits the opening of cabinet door.

Components used for the installation:

  • A Graco ProMix™ Easy 2.5:1
  • A special manifold installed below the A-side pump that permits to take paint from a 50 L tank with agitator or from a 25 L pail with a suction hose (picture 2).
  • A 50 L tank with agitator for catalyst. The agitator for B-side was required from the customer (picture 2).
  • A Graco Husky™ 716 pump to feed the flushing product. Installed a three-way valve that permit to flush with water, then with a special additive (both water and additive are in 50 L tanks) (picture 3)
  • A pneumatic frame to manage the all insulated system
  • Two insulated systems with paint regulators installed inside the spray booth (pictures 4,5)
  • Two pneumatic frames to manage the different working pressures (air and paint) in the spray booths (picture 4)
  • Two manual Graco ProXS™ waterborne spray guns


The company Grillo is very satisfied because they have a safe, flexible and simple installation. The following benefits were noted: the optimization of working times, less overspray and therefore less maintenance in the spray booth, paint savings and less VOC emissions

Grillo SPA
Cesena – Italy

Industry Market Sector:
Agricultural and gardening machines

WB Application (Alcea)

Graco Equipment:
ProMix Easy 2.5:1
Husky 716
2 ProXS spray guns

Graco Distributor:
GS Divisione Verniciatura SRL
Via Friuli 38/40, 40060 Osteria Grande (BO), Italy