Graco Inc.

Mongoose Pumps  Electric Powered Chemical Metering Pumps

Low pressure chemical metering pump for dispensing and dosing chemicals for a wide range of applications

Σημεία πώλησης

Our Mongoose series metering pump is suitable for dispensing chemicals for a variety of diverse markets such as oil and natural gas, mining, agriculture, landscaping and lawn maintenance, waste water, and car wash. These pumps can also be used in chemical dosing maintenance applications including cooling towers, boilers, and plating, as well as a multitude of other uses.

Check valves  

  • Proprietary design (SST Head)
  • Graco poppet style checks
  • Ball/seat check valve available with low cost option (A21001)

Overload protection

  • Self resetting thermal overload prevents over heating
  • Over current protection
  • Easily replaceable fuse for overcurrent
  • No longer a throwaway pump

Prime/air bleed port

  • No need to remove fluid section to prime pump
  • Quick and easy priming
  • Not available on the low cost option (A21001)

Other features

  • Manual stroke adjustment
  • Splash cover over controls
  • NEMA 4x style enclosure
  • UL and CSA certified


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