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Meter-Flo Electric Pumps  Rugged Gear Pumps

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Direct-drive, smoothly operating pumps ideal for applications requiring continuous delivery of hydraulic or lube oils.

With its solid pump housing, these rugged gear pumps are designed for dependable
operation in high demand applications. The gear pump is available with a direct-coupled
1/2 horsepower motor capable of 1,725 rpm’s with output volumes of 245 cubic inches per

  • Eleven different pump models to choose from
  • Ideal for applications requiring continuous oil delivery up to 1,000 lubrication points
  • Positive displacement helps assure constant delivery of proper volume.
  • Match-ground heat-treated steel gears are enclosed in a rigid, cast-iron housing to assure dependability and long life.
  • Standard SAE 4-bolt mounting simplifies installation.
  • Adjustable pressure relief valve protects pump against overload conditions.
  • Meter-flo pumps are available with a special coupling that allows easy replacement of older Meterflo pumps.