Graco Inc.

Spraying swimming pools with gel coat systems

Since 2001, Franmer is a leading producer of composite swimming pools adapted to the Russian climate. Today, the company produces 3,500 pools a year and offers a wide range of 56 pool models in 17 colours. Curbstone is produced as well as a broad range of composites pool slides and other accessories. Over the years, Franmer has mastered and improved most production technologies. Thanks to this, Franmer’s production plant is different from other local and foreign swimming pool producers; bringing the company a competitive advantage and helping it secure a leading role in this market segment.

Franmer recently introduced a new type of coating – Diamond Shine – on the Russian market. This coating won the hearts of customers and is extremely popular nowadays. It provides the option to create new pool colours for customers and thanks to the reflection and refraction of sunlight in micro mirror particles, it helps warm the pool water and make the swimming season last longer.

3D marble pool coating

Glitter and holographic particles are injected in the gel coat and special granules can also be added. This technology imitates the surface of natural stone and is available as a new line of pool coatings called ‘3D marble’. New research shows that insulation should be used during final stages of pool production to make the pool operation more effective and economic. So, a spray application of durable seamless polyurethane foam provides an efficient insulation layer.

Ideal dosing ratio

Franmer’s first Graco unit was purchased back in the year 2000 to spray fiberglass onto swimming pool moulds. Graco FRP units are now used for spraying fibre composites and Graco Reactor E-XP2 and E-10 units are used for foam insulation applications. These units also provide exact dosing ratio of material and temperature control. “The quality of production not only depends on the quality of raw materials, but also on the quality of equipment used for application,” confirmed Franmer’s specialists with confidence. “Thanks to the right combination of top quality raw material and equipment, we’re able to maintain our leading position on the Russian swimming pool market.”