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Graco BES System (Bin Evacuation System)


When the sanitary system integrator TetraPak approached our Process distributor Hijaz Al Raqia Trading  in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for a cost effective solution to transfer tomato paste from Goodpak  crates into the mixing kettles, our Process distributor Hijaz Trading proposed the new GRACO BES  system (Bin Evacuation System) as a solution. The traditional method and system used for this type of
application proved costly, un-hygienic and cumbersome. The end user, SADAFCO had limited factory  floor space for the above mentioned traditional unloading system. This system required for the bag of  tomato paste to be manually unloaded onto a conveyor and then squeezed out via rollers onto a  conveyor, which  then transports the paste into the kettles.

Together with Mr. Peter Bloem from GRACO,  Hijaz and Tetra Pak  presented and proposed the GRACO SaniForce BES system to SADAFCO. The  customer and integrator immediately liked (not just the systems affordability), but also its foot print size, ease of operation and more importantly the clean fast methods of transferring the paste directly from the  Goodpak supply bin’s into their mixing kettles. SADAFCO’s Production Manager, Mr. Ivo Gojanovic found  the stated features and benefits of GRACO’s Saniforce BES systems met his requirements. In particular  GRACO’s claims that the BES can evacuate tomato paste with a viscosity of 190 000 centipoise at flow rates of 1 135 litres per minute.


Seeing is believing!

Unlike the various other GRACO products requiring demonstration, the GRACO SaniForce BES system is   one which cannot be demonstrated. “We were keen to get this system into Saudi Arabia (and the region)”,  exclaims GRACO’s Middle East Country Manager Peter Bloem. “I have a good team of colleagues behind  me, and we were confident that this would work. Based on our enthusiasm and confidence exhibited to  TetraPak and SADAFCO, we secured the first order.”

GRACO’s engineers in Minneapolis had a bit of a challenge, half way through the production phases of  the BES system, when the end user switched from their current tomato paste supplier to another. The later  used a different size Goodpak bin to those measured during the initial survey. Thankfully, another feature of  the BES system is the inflatable wiper seals. This meant that the seals on the follower plate could be  inflated/deflated to accommodate the new bin size. Engineering were satisfied that this would not pose an issue, and continued with the production of the system. During the operation of the system, it also became  apparent that the inflatable wiper seals increased the unit’s efficiency in terms of changing the bins quickly.

The system supplied was the BES 3FS, which comprised of 2 off SaniForce 3150 Air Operated Double  diaphragm pumps mounted on a follower plate. The system was controlled manually, but does have an option to incorporate the electronic Micrologic controls.

The BES system was integrated into the existing  production line , mounted near a roller conveyor which is used to transport the bins to and from the BES  system. The BES system is then plumbed into the mixing kettles.

Mr. Gojanovicis very pleased with the service his company is enjoying from GRACO’s distributor Hijaz, in particular from Mr. Sunil Yoonus. “Hijaz  has gone the extra mile for us on countless occasions, and we are very pleased with Sunil’s support”.

“The  GRACO BES system enables my company to offer a unique solution to the sanitary market in The Kingdom  of Saudi Arabia,” stated Sunil. “This is a system unlike any available in the market. We are already working  on another two more for supply this year.”

GRACO BES system is mounted over a loading conveyor system. The system is cleaned out with the  GRACO HydraClean, and is ready for a a new fresh bin.

The operator engages an air supply to the control box, which manualy lifts the follower plate up in the air. The unique floating ram plate eliminates  the need for exact positioning of the bin under the ram place. The inflatable wiper seal increases the  efficiency of the BES system, and makes easy quick change out of the bins.

The bin is then moved from  the conveyor under the GRACO BES system, where the operator then lowers the follower plate into the bin. The whole system is then plumbed into the main supply kettles, which feeds the factory.

Hijz Al Raqia is a trading organization established in 2008 in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, engaged in  sales and service of high quality Tools & Industrial, Process and Garage equipment throughout the  Kingdom. As a GRACO process distributor, Hijaz Al Raqia supply, install, test and commission process  equipment, fluid transfer pumps for various chemical applications and FDA approved pumps. Their  customers are in various sectors like Food Manufacturers, Beverages, Perfume and cosmetic factories,  Petroleum blending plants, Chemical Plants, Galvanizing plants, printing Presses, Bottling Plants,  Packaging Industry etc. Their services also include supply, installation and maintenance of all kinds of industrial, lubrication equipment, fuel station and fuel management systems. Hijaz Al Raqia has a highly  qualified Sales and technical Installation Team to serve the above industries. The company is conveniently  located in Stadium Street near the Industrial Area in Jeddah.

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