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Successful pumping of Sauces


Crop’s is a family owned Belgian company located in Ooigem. For more than 30 years now they have grown and harvested their own vegetables. Over the years they also start producing sauces, bakery supplies, fruit concentrates and ready meals.  For their ready meal production line they needed a good solution to pump 2 different types of sauces with different viscosities from an IBC container (1000L) to 2 different hoppers (stock). The system had to be mobile and automated, with an automatic level meter.

Mobile and automated system

A local Graco distributor, Atlantic Engineering, took up this challenge and used Graco equipment for a high quality solution. They proposed a tailored system using the Graco SaniForce HS 3150 pump. This is a pump from the SaniForce range which was implemented on a mobile skid with valves and sensors to meet the requirements of the customer.

1 pump for all types of sauces

The system was installed on-site by Atlantic Engineering for testing only. However, the results were so satisfying for Crop’s, that it never left the factory! The full system was purchased. Crop’s had at that time for every type of sauce a different type of electric pump that was adjusted to the viscosity of the sauce. After the introduction of the SaniForce HS 3150 pump in combination with the dosing system build by Atlantic Engineering, Crop’s decided to do another investment including 5 additional SaniForce HS pumps, because they were able to pump all their different types of sauces.