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Efficient Transfers of Tomato Paste and Diced Tomatoes


Sanitary Application

Established in 1915, the Greek canning company KYKNOS is one of the most loved and recognized brands in Greece. A family owned company, famous for its canned tomato products, KYKNOS selects and packs tomatoes, grown in the region of Peloponesse.

Tomato paste is one of most famous products on the Greek market, which it has been for 100 years. Kyknos produces a high-quality double concentrated 28 procent tomato paste that gives strong tomato flavour and intense red tomato colour. The tomato paste is 28 brix hot break and is delivered in 200 liter barrels. It must be unloaded at ambient temperature. Kyknos wanted to reduce the drum unloading time (243 kg in 40 minutes) and increase the efficiency of this operation in a more hygienic way.


The local Graco distributor in Athens, Concibus Trading Ltd, found a solution to improve the unloading time and reduce the amount of waste. They first did a demonstration with a Graco SaniForce 12:1 drum unloader unit, which gave a drum unloading time of 10 minutes. Then they installed a Graco SaniForce 5:1 drum unloader with a carbon steel frame. The 200 liter barrels of 243 kg of tomato paste were unloaded in 5 minutes (instead of the original 40 minutes) at a pump air pressure of 3.5 bar. After the operation, weighing the remaining leftovers showed a total of 1,1 kg (= 99.5 procent evacuation rate) tomato paste in the aseptic bag!


Kyknos was completely satisfied and ordered the SaniForce 5:1 drum unloader with a carbon steel frame, as well as a SaniForce 3150, a 3 inch double diaphragm membrane pump with flappers to transfer the diced tomatoes. After a few weeks of operation, Kyknos increased efficiency even further and are now able to unload their 200 l drums in 3.5 minutes!


Kyknos Greek Canning Company

Industry Market Sector
Food industry – tomato paste

Transfer of tomato paste and diced tomatoes

Material Specifications
Tomato paste 28 brix

Typical Properties
28 hot break brix – viscosity of 130,000 cps

Graco Equipment
SaniForce 5:1 drum unloader and 3" membrane pump with flappers

SaniForce 5:1 CS drum unloader, complete package and SaniForce 3150 with flappers
24D712x1 SF3AF1x1

Graco Distributor Details
Concibus Trading Ltd.
Athens, Greece, Tel.: 30 2106136197