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Unloading fruit paste to fill breakfast cereals


A company in the South of France was looking for a solution to unload fruit paste to fill their breakfast cereals. Previously, they did this by hand (scooping), however, as unloading took too long and generated operator fatigue, they were looking for a new solution. The new solution was expected to eliminate operator fatigue and difficulties, increase comfort as well as the speed of unloading and productivity.

Improved productivity 

LRI, a Graco distributor in Toulouse, selected the Graco SaniForce™ drum unloader equipped with a 12:1 piston pump to unload the fruit paste from 200 liter straight-sided metal drums. LRI chose the SaniForce drum unloader thanks to its simplicity and ease of use. It is manufactured with high quality, is durable and has the best-in-class price/quality ratio. Choosing this SaniForce unit as a solution provided benefits such as reduction of operator fatigue, gains in comfort, increased speed of unloading and productivity improvements.


Less than 1% loss of material 

The SaniForce Drum Unloader provided the necessary pressure for pumping and discharging the paste over a distance of 8 meters. Evacuation time was measured at 3 minutes. All operations are pneumatic and safe, thanks to the closed air control box. The handling of the drum is limited to a minimum, so now drum elevation and dump are no longer necessary.  Less than 1% of the material is lost. 

The end-user was happy with the result as SaniForce meets their requirements in terms of ease of use and improvement of working conditions. It also fulfills their expectations with regard to gains in productivity. With a 3 minute evacuation time, the end-user was satisfied and gladly invested in the unit.