Graco Inc.

PH Pump  Manual Pump for Oil and Grease

Versatile and Tough

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Built with aluminum and steel components to meet the high standards of performance and
quality you expect from Graco products. Available with a choice of standard clear plastic or
metal Modu-Flo reservoirs for either oil or grease. Modular pump/reservoir design plus built-in
features enable the PH Manual Pump to be customized for a wide range of applications.

  • Built-in volume indicator provides easy verification that lubricant is being delivered to the
    system and that divider valves are completing lube cycles
  • Wide applicability is provided by an optional two- or four-outlet valve that mounts under the
    pump outlet. This valve allows the pump to serve up to four different systems or to supply
    one or two separate manual reversing systems
  • Single-acting positive displacement pump design minimizes the number of moving and
    wearing parts for extended pump life and reduced maintenance
  • Built-in automatic relief valve protects system components from over-pressure
  • Built-in outlet check valve prevents back pressure from damaging pump and minimizes
    chance for contaminants to get into the pump or the lube supply