Reactor 2 Ratio Assurance

Along with heat, pressure and mixing, spraying foam that is ‘on ratio’ is critical to achieving the properties intended by the material manufacturers, and therefore delivering the highest quality to your customers every time.

Components of the Ratio Assurance System
Graco's Multi-Tiered Ratio Assurance System
  1. Mechanically Linked Pumps
  2. Positive Displacement Piston Pumps
  3. Outlet Pressure Monitoring
  4. Flow Meters
  5. Inlet Pressure Monitoring

Single-Point Variables

Any issues that may cause off-ratio foam to be sprayed are called Single-Point Variables.

Since no one detection method is best to detect all possible issues, it is important to have a robust, multi-tiered ratio assurance system that incorporates both pressure and flow meter monitoring.

Single-Point Variable Categories

  • Air in the fluid stream
  • Feed pump too small
  • Poor material feed to the proportioner
  • Proportioner pump issues
  • Fluid leaks
  • Fluid restriction in heated hose or spray gun


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