Better Fine Finishes with AAM Flat Tips

Painting contractors encounter many types of applications during the course of new construction and remodeling jobs. For fine finishing jobs that use enamel or lacquer materials, contractors typically lean towards HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) sprayers due to the increased control and finish quality.

However, contractors are often challenged when completing large fine finishing jobs using the tools and technology they have on the jobsite.


Airless Spraying For Fine Finishing

Airless sprayers are typically standard equipment on most jobsites that require painting as part of the scope of work. With the right spray pressure and proper spray tip selection, airless spraying can be used to deliver a beautiful, professional finish on millwork, cabinetry and other fine finish surfaces.


Greater Productivity & Flexibility

For large fine finishing jobs, air-assisted airless sprayers are ideal for contractors who want the power and productivity of airless spraying along with the flexibility to use more challenging materials while also delivering the high-quality finishing results that are critical for fine finish jobs.

An air-assisted airless sprayer uses an airless piston pump to pressurize paint up and send it to the spray gun to be atomized at the tip. Air is then injected into the paint stream to provide finer atomization of the coating, which results in a higher quality finish.

In addition to providing the ability to easily switch to airless spraying only, air-assisted airless sprayers also solve many problems with the use of high-viscosity and high-solids coatings and issues associated using higher fluid pressures for the atomization of viscous materials.


Why Use AAM Flat Tips?

If you’re looking to deliver the best airless finish on larger volume fine finishing jobs using an air-assisted airless sprayer, consider using precision-cut Graco AAM Flat Spray Tips. These unique spray tips can atomize coatings at a significantly lower pressure than other spray tips and provide an HVLP-like finish.

When finish quality is the number one priority, AAM flat spray tips are designed so the air coming out of the cap is closer behind the spray tip orifice to deliver better atomization and softer edges while helping to break up spits that can negatively impact the spray finish.

These tips require additional machining to provide tighter tolerances and precise spray performance in terms of spray flow and width when working with lacquers or other materials that are thinner due to the significantly less amounts of solids in the material.

AAM flat spray tips also have an additional filter on the tip to further eliminate debris and other elements in the material that can impact finish quality. This unwanted debris in the material could also cause tip clogs that require contractors to stop production to remove the clog and restore the proper flow of material through the spray tip.

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