EcoQuip 2 EQs Elite - Intro and Setup

Follow along as we show you how to set up your Graco EcoQuip 2 EQs system. 

System Setup

When setting up your EcoQuip 2, follow along with these steps:

1.      Always purge the air supply hose for 15-20 seconds before connecting the air supply hose from the compressor (or on-site compressed air source) to the panel. Make sure all debris is cleared from the hose.

2.      Connect an appropriately sized air supply hose to the air inlet and install coupler pins. (Refer to manual Technical Specifications, page 50). *

3.      Open the compressor air supply valve (175 psi, 12.06 Bar, 1.2 MPa maximum compressor supply). **

4.      Connect the blast hose, hose restraints, control hoses, and coupler pins.

5.      Connect to a water supply hose with a minimum ID of 3/4 in. (19 mm) to the garden hose connection on the pump inlet. ***

6.      Fill the water tank with fresh water.

7.      Open the inlet ball valve.

8.      Close the rinse valve, water dose meter, and abrasive ball valve.

9.      Turn the selector valve to off and disengage the emergency stop.

10.   Open pop up seal, dump valve to the pot and add 10 gallons of fresh water to the pot.

11.   Add abrasive material.

12.   Close the dump valve.

13.   Wash the abrasive into the pot and clear any abrasive from the pop up or gasket.

14.   Use a garden hose or the rinse hose to wash the abrasive into the pot and clear any abrasive material from the pop-up and gasket.

Caution: Make sure the water is above the pop-up seal and pop-up seal is closed. Failure to do so before pressurizing the pot can result in serious injury to the operator.

15.   When water is above the pop up seal, rotate the handle to release the pop up pin.

16.   Turn the selector valve to blast, engage the blast control switch and set the blast air pressure.

17.   Open the abrasive ball valve.

18.   To set the MediaTrak, slowly adjust the abrasive metering valve to the desired set point while the abrasive is blasting from the nozzle.

* NOTICE Damage to the tubing connections on the blast control can occur if the blast circuit is allowed to rotate. To avoid damage, use the supplied wrench to hold the blast circuit nut inside the enclosure while installing fittings to the air inlet and blast hose connections.

** NOTE: Make sure the air supply meets the appropriate air flow requirements. (Refer to manual Technical Specifications, page 50).

*** NOTE: The maximum water supply pressure is 100 psi (6.8 bar, 0.68 MPa). The minimum flow requirements is 3 gpm (11 lpm).

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