What fluid should I use when storing a Graco Reactor unit for a long period of time?

Before storing a Graco Reactor system, you must fill it with a DOP, TCP, or moisture-free oil.

Proper storage

Isocyanate can crystallize due to moisture contamination or freezing. To prevent moisture from reacting with isocyanate, never store your proportioner dry or with spray foam/polyurea materials still in the proportioner, hoses, and gun. Always leave the system filled with an appropriate moisture-free fluid. However, you need to choose the right solvent.

When an empty spray foam proportioning system is stored, moisture could contaminate the isocyanate material. To avoid crystallization, you must fill the system before storing it for a long period of time.


What to do before storing your Graco Reactor

1. Clean the Reactor with a compatible solvent

Before storing your Graco Reactor, you should clean it with an appropriate solvent. The Reactor and heated hoses are compatible with most solvents. When selecting the solvent, make sure it is compatible with the material you are applying, and that it contains no moisture.

2. Fill the Reactor with a moisture-free fluid

Fill the system with DOP (dioctyl phosphate), TCP (tricresyl phosphate) or another moisture-free fluid (such as Graco TSL) that does not react with the equipment or the A or B side chemicals. This material can remain in the system and the hoses until new material is introduced. 

IMPORTANT: Never store the system dry and do not use water to fill it.

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