ToughTek F340e - Error Codes

Information on common error codes you may run into with the ToughTek F340e, including what to do  if they occurs.

Stall Error Code 5

Why does the F340e error when stalled? Why can't a ball valve be used at the end of the hose to stall the pump?

The F340e's motor needs to spin in order for it to cool itself. When the pump is stalled either because of a pack-out or a valve was closed, pressure will build until the motor can no longer force material into the hose and it will stall. After a brief period of the motor trying to drive but not moving the system will detect this error and shut down the pump. Valves should not be closed in the fluid line while the pump is running.

The operator may close a valve when the pump is not running to stop excess material from flowing out of the hose. To stop the pump from running the operator may power off the pump, turns the speed dial all the way down to stopped, or with use of the optional remote switch kit PN 17G554.

Hall Effect Sensor Error Code 16

Why am I getting a Hall Effect sensor error?

The hall effect sensor is responsible for sending shaft position information to the motor controller. If the hall effect sensor is not sending valid signals to the controller for any reason, the motor cannot run and an error will be displayed.

The sensor is connected to the motor shaft behind the fan. Trace the wires to make sure that nothing has been cut, and that all connectors are seated properly. If a unit has been exposed to water, it may have pooled into the sensor enclosure. The machine should not be exposed to rain or sprayed with a hose for any reason, as stated in the manual. If inspection shows that the sensor may have been exposed to water, allow the sensor to dry out for 48 hours. Reinstall the sensor and try to run the machine again.