ToughTek F340e and F680e Materials

Information and questions on materials that can be used in your ToughTek F340e and F680e pumps, including sprayable materials and material types.


Flow and Output Variation

Why does flow/output vary when applying different types of fireproofing materials?

In general, the more compressible a material is the lower the pump flow/output.  Lower density fireproofing materials tend to be more compressible; therefore, pump output is reduced. Medium and high density materials tend to be less compressible in which pump output is greater with these materials.  

Sprayable Materials

The ToughTek Fireproofing Pumps can spray a variety of fireproofing materials. In general, low, medium, and high density, as well as gypsum-based and Portland cement-based fireproofing materials, can be sprayed with this equipment. Extremely low-density materials, however, may not be able to be sprayed.