ToughTek F340e and F680e –Pump Lower Maintenance

How often should I disassemble my pump lower for maintenance/flushing?

The pump lower on the F340e and F680e systems requires minimal tear down/disassembly if properly maintained.  Thorough flushing with clean water is critical for proper performance.  After each use, flush the system with clean water.  Ensure all material is purged from the hoses and applicator.  Use a sponge ball sized to your hose diameter to clean/flush hoses after each use.  Higher density materials such as Pyrocrete 241 require pump disassembly for proper cleaning/flushing.

A good rule of thumb when flushing your system is if the residual material easily washes from the side walls of the hopper with little to no water pressure, the pump will flush/clean without disassembly.  If higher pressure water and/ or hand "scrubbing" of the hopper is required to clean, then the pump lower should be disassembled and cleaned.