ToughTek F340e and S340e - Conversion

Information for when you are converting the ToughTek F340e to a ToughTek S340e.


Threading Pump

When converting the F340e to a S340e, should I thread the pump completely into the motor adapter?

No.  After threading the pump lower into the motor adapter, the lower must be backed out at least 2 turns and then positioned into place with an acceptable pump outlet orientation.  The locking nut should be secured maintaining the gap shown in the figure below.  


I have an F340e, but need to pump a Stucco and/or EIFS material.  Can I use my existing pump for this application?

The differences between the F340e and S340e are optimized based on their application.  Specific changes were made so the S340e is configured to handle Stucco/EIFS applications better.  You will need to convert the F340e to an S340e using conversion kit 25A178.