ToughTek F340e and F800e - Hose Configuration

Does the hose diameter and/or total hose length have an impact on the material output performance of the F340e and F800e?

Yes, depending on the fireproofing material that is being sprayed, the hose setup can have a large impact on the pump performance.

Some fireproofing materials are more difficult to pump and require more pressure than others. For these materials it is important to use the largest diameter hoses and minimum total hose length that the job allows. Small diameter hoses and long hose lengths greatly increase the pressure required to pump the material and limit the material output.

For example, spraying with 250 ft. of total hose that includes 75 ft. of 1 inch diameter whip hose when only 25 ft. of whip hose is needed would significantly reduce your output. Removing 50 ft. of the 1 inch hose or replacing the 50 ft. section with a 2 inch diameter hose would improve performance and increase output.

Holding hose length and material output rate constant, increasing the hose diameter from 1 to 2 inches decreases pressure by a multiple of 15 times. If pressure drop was originally 150 psi with the 1 inch hose, switching to a 2 inch hose would decrease the pressure drop to 10 psi, which could improve output considerably.