Heavy Equipment Automatic Lubrication

Equipment has to be ready to work when you are. Graco systems are built to withstand even the most rugged environments, and to consistently deliver lubrication for optimal performance. Our systems are always on, always working — so your equipment can do the same.

Why Auto Lube, Why Graco??

Automatic Lubrication Articles & Guides

Success Stories

A Lubrication System for Cranes in Harsh Weather

A large crane manufacturer based in Finland serves a broad range of customers, including manufacturing and process industries, shipyards, ports and terminals. They have been using Graco’s Trabon automatic lubrication systems for over 20 years, but more recently started using them for an STS containe...

Equipment Selection

Don’t Let Grease Guns Get In the Way of Improving Your Productivity

On the surface, manual grease guns and tubes of moly or synthetic grease may seem like a cost-effective solution for equipment lubrication, but you must factor in some important considerations when deciding what’s right for you.

Success Stories

How Auto Lube Increases Efficiencies at an Aggregate Plant

Built with durability to withstand a tough industry, the auto lube system installed at a Minnesota aggregate plant ensures that their machine continues to produce quality aggregates, reduces downtime by minimizing risks of over- or under-greasing and reduces safety risks.

The Basics

Lubrication Contamination and the Effect on Pin Bushings

When excessive contamination builds up between a pin and bushing surface the rotation of the pin and the pressure load begins to dig contamination into the bronze bushing. Over time this contamination builds up and begins to restrict the movement of the pin by increasing friction.


Recognizing Clogged Grease Zerks

When maintenance personnel or the operator is tasked with lubricating equipment, it’s possible they may encounter grease zerks that refuse to accept lubricant. This article aims to help identify common causes of clogged grease zerks.

The Basics

Selecting the Proper Grease for a Given Climate

In colder climates it is important to select a grease that will not freeze at the lowest temperature to which it will be exposed. In warmer climates, attention must be given to how a grease performs at higher temperatures.

Success Stories

Success Story: Oxford Recycling

“It’s not uncommon for us to have 1,000 trucks a day crossing our gates. So, during that heavy load, it’s critical we have good lubrication.” Kent, who has been with the company since 1984, outlined two major problems he observed with their manual lubrication process.

Success Stories

Top OEMs Choose Auto Lube on Komatsu Equipment

Graco’s automatic lubrication system has been designed for Komatsu’s wide range of equipment to reduce maintenance needs, increase production and extend the life of the machine by automatically applying the right amount of lubrication to each lube point.


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