Graco Inc.

Agitator Speed Controller  Automatic Speed Controller for Air Drive Agitators

Prevents over-agitation of shear sensitive materials and reduces air consumption

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Graco’s Agitator Speed Controller installs in minutes to pneumatic agitators, enabling a consistent agitator output speed, as drum levels change. The controller prevents over-agitation of shear sensitive materials and reduces air consumption.

  • Quick install, requires less than 1 minute to setup
  • Prevents over agitation for shear sensitive and waterborne materials
  • Saves energy by limiting agitator over speeding
  • Prevents motor over speeding, extending lifetime

Compatible with the following types of Graco agitators:

  • In-Drum Back-Geared
  • Heavy Duty Back-Geared
  • Expanding Blade Agitator
  • Twistork

Compatible with most competitive agitators powered by the following air motors:

  • GAST Model 2AM Air Motor
  • GAST Model 4AM Air Motor

24G621 Agitator Speed Controller Accessory
Maximum Air Supply Pressure
100 psi
0.7 MPa/7 bar
Minimum Air Supply Pressure
70 psi
0.5 MPa/4.9 bar
Maximum Speed
1000 rpm
1000 rpm
Maximum Speed Controller Air Temperature
130° F
55° C
Main Air Inlet Size
1/8 npt quick-disconnect fitting
1/8 npt quick-disconnect fitting
Speed Control Range
100–1000 rpm
100–1000 rpm
4 in
102 mm
Height (installed)
4.5 in
114 mm
1.4 lb
0.64 kg