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Manzel MBL Box Lubricator 

Compressor Lubrication Systems

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Provide a proven, cost-effective way to assemble customized oil systems that meet specific
requirements by using standard modular components. Increase opportunities to standardize lube system components and reduce lube maintenance and service costs.

  • Provide lubrication to cylinder walls, bearings and other moving parts of equipment
  • Wide variety of configurations to handle systems with up to 24 pumps

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Modular Box Lubricator
Maximum Outlet Pressure
3/16 in Pump
7500 psi
517.1 bar, 51.71 MPa
1/4 in Pump
6000 psi
413.7 bar, 41.37 MPa
3/8 in Pump
2500 psi
172.4 bar, 17.24 MPa
Operating Temperature Range
-20°F to 140°F
-29°C to 60°C
Fluid Viscosity
Dispensing Fluid Viscosity
80 to 5000 SUS
80 to 5000 SUS
Materials of Constructions
Wetted Materials
spring steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, nylon, fluoroelastomer
spring steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, nylon, fluoroelastomer
Drive Speed
Drive Speed
3 to 50 rpm
3 to 50 rpm
Noise (dBa) (Sound pressure measured at the work station with 3/8” pumps running at 50 rpm with 3500 psi (24.13 MPa, 241.3 bar) working pressure)
Maximum sound pressure
74 dBa
74 dBa