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Manzel MHH Divider Valves 

Series Progressive Metering Device

Kust ostaTeabepäring

Same capable design as the Trabon MSP Series, with even tighter and more exacting tolerances.
The Manzel MHH Series delivers highly accurate lube delivery for demanding high pressure
grease and oil applications.

  • Quick change valve sections can be removed from the base assembly without disturbing
    any lube lines–minimizing labor cost and maximizing your machine uptime
  • Can be easily accessorized with magnetic and electronic proximity switch .cycle indicators to
    provide positive assurance of a successful lube event
  • Alternate outlet on face of valves can be fitted with optional performance indicators, taking
    the guesswork out of troubleshooting
  • Built-in outlet check valves ensure accurate lube delivery every time
MHH Series
Steel Body (corrosion protected) Steel Piston (honed fit)
Steel Body (corrosion protected) Steel Piston (honed fit)
Pressure (max)
7,500 psi for Petroleum or Synthetic Oil - fluoroelastomer
517 bar for Petroleum or Synthetic Oil - fluoroelastomer
Petroleum or synthetic oil only
Petroleum or synthetic oil only
Maximum Operating Temperature Fluoroelastomer O-rings (557722)
Maximum Cycle Rate Without Cycle Pin
200 CPM
200 CPM
Net Weight (approx.)
3 section divider valve assembly
5.9 lb
2.7 kg
4 section divider valve assembly
7.3 lb
3.3 kg
5 section divider valve assembly
8.7 lb
4.0 kg
6 section divider valve assembly
10.2 lb
4.6 kg
7 section divider valve assembly
11.6 lb
5.6 kg
8 section divider valve assembly
13.0 lb
5.9 kg
Torque Ratings
Mounting Screw
8-9 ft lb
8-9 ft lb
Enclosure Plugs
6-8 ft lb
6-8 ft lb
Indicator Port Plug
5-7 ft lb
5-7 ft lb
Bleed Screws
1-2 ft lb
1-2 ft lb
Tie Rod Nut
5-8 ft lb
5-8 ft lb