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Graco’s Gun Flush Boxes for manual guns helps to quickly change paint colours and reduce waste when flushing.

Informer fluid flow controller and meter

Monitor fluid rates, reduce material waste & improve spray performance with Graco’s Informer. Ideal for solvent tracking & other finishing materials.



Graco’s M2K Entry Level Mechanical Plural Component Mixing System increases mix material accuracy and reduces material waste, compared to hand mixing.

Meters and gauges for finishing applications

Graco’s Meters & Gauges for liquid coatings are designed to handle a broad range of materials, pressures and flow rates. They can ensure precision and accuracy in all your dispensing needs.


Actively manage one-component (1K) fluids for better spray performance and efficiency. Choose the control and customisation that meet your finishing needs.


Graco’s ProControl 1KS Fluid Rate Controller offers closed loop flow control for single component materials that eliminates excess material applied to the part.


Graco’s electronic fluid dispense and meter system allows durable goods manufacturers to quickly and precisely fill cavities with coolant, dye, grease, oil, paint, solvent, water or other industrial fluids.


Graco’s ProMix 2KE Plural Component Mixing Systems offer a compact, entry level proportioner that is available in pump and metered versions for all spray technologies.


Graco’s ProMix 2KS Plural Component Mixing System offers precise and reliable electronic proportioning for entry level to upgraded applications. Compatible with a broad range of materials, it provides the flexibility and efficiency you need on your production line.


Graco’s ProMix 3KS Plural Component Mixing System offers the same precision of the 2KS for three component materials. Purchase with a ProMix 2KS system or upgrade an existing 2KS.


The ProMix Positive Displacement (PD) Proportioner Platform is redefining fluid control, plural component mixing and manufacturing processes. Stay on ratio within 1 percent mixing accuracy. Stay on budget with less rework and simple maintenance.


Meter and dispense valves for liquid coatings allow safer system operation by permitting fluid pressure or isolation of components from pressure during maintenance.

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