Why InvisiPac is the reliable option for your packaging line?

InvisiPac tank-free hot melt glue system with melt-on-demand process avoids charring and nozzle blocking

Based on their long experience in fluid handling equipment in multiple industries, Graco looked into why problems were occurring with hot melt glue systems. Unexpected equipment problems can cause system downtime, hindering productivity and increasing costs.  To maximize uptime, it’s vital to choose the right hot melt system.

You want your packaging line to run smoothly, efficiently, and continuously in order to maintain productivity and profitability.

Choosing the right hot melt system

If your line isn’t running optimally, your costs will go up and your production will drop. To prevent this from happening, it’s vital to choose the right hot melt system. In other words, for your line to run smoothly, efficiently, and continuously, you need a hot melt system that also runs smoothly, efficiently, and continuously. As none of these three words normally describes most conventional hot melt adhesive systems, Graco decided to take action. Our goal was to find a solution to ensure risk-free production.

InvisiPac with melt-on-demand process

The main reason we identified is that most hot melt systems process adhesive with a heated tank. This process creates temperature fluctuations and inconsistency with the adhesive, leading to line stops and unnecessary downtime. 

To eliminate these risks, Graco developed the InvisiPac tank-free hot melt glue system. Its key innovation is that it utilizes a melt-on-demand process. In other words, it heats only the amount of hot melt adhesive material that is necessary.  With this “first in, first out” approach, all charring and nozzle blocking is eliminated. Adhesive and maintenance costs are significantly reduced, while reliability and productivity are improved.

InvisiPac Tank/tank-less system vs. tank-free melter

Tank/tank-less system InvisiPac tank-free melter
  • Slowly heats to operating temperature (up to 45 minutes)
  • Heats to operating temperature in less than 10 minutes
  • Large quantities of adhesive kept at high temperatures for a long time
  • “First in, first out” melting provides continuous flow of adhesive
  • Degrades adhesive integrity
  • Melt-on-demand process maintains adhesive integrity
  • Creates adhesive char which causes plugged nozzles
  • Eliminates plugged nozzles and adhesive char
  • Facilitates thermal shock (temperature fluctuations) when refilling adhesive
  • Removes operator exposure to burn hazards
  • Exposes operators to burn hazards
  • Built-in adhesive tracking technology

Realize the benefits of tank-free

With InvisiPac, you’ll experience far less downtime and produce more with a better seal. You’ll use significantly less adhesive and be able to drastically reduce your spare parts inventory. All of these benefits deliver more profits to your bottom line. InvisiPac also creates a safer working environment, especially for operators. Moreover, its compact size easily integrates into your existing packaging lines.

In short, InvisiPac redefines the reliability of hot melt systems, improving your productivity and helping you realize maximum profitability. Convinced? Contact our hot melt experts for more information in the form below . They would be happy to explain more about how the reliability of InvisiPac helps your packaging line run smoothly, efficiently, and continuously.

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