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Improve your shop efficiencies with Graco's innovative high-flow, large-volume fluid management solutions designed for heavy equipment.

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Why Pulse FC?

We’ve taken fluid control from an old, clunky box hidden underneath counters in the back office, and put the controls into the hands of technicians, parts managers and shop owners. Literally.


The Importance of Waste Oil Management

Discover best practices for managing used oil.


Fluid Management – An Easy Return on Investment

Bulk storage of lubrication fluids makes sense for fleets to reduce downtime and improve profitability. Learn about some hidden costs.

The Basics

Fluid Management Improves Efficiencies

Effectively manage bulk inventory and reduce shop costs.

Success Stories

Fluid Management Helps Beverly Hills

Fluid Management streamlines operations for fleet service center.

Success Stories

Fluid Control Improves Accountability at Dealership

Fluid control system cuts down a dealership's oil loss and has gained accountability for their technicians and their shop.

Equipment Selection

Don’t Let Grease Guns Get In the Way of Improving Your Productivity

On the surface, manual grease guns and tubes of moly or synthetic grease may seem like a cost-effective solution for equipment lubrication, but you must factor in some important considerations when deciding what’s right for you.


Converting Existing Service Facilities to Fluid Management

Identifying misconceptions and planning the conversion for a fluid management system.

Success Stories

Bus Service Center Benefits from Fluid Management System

Belgian bus repair and service center selects Graco’s innovative fluid management system; enabling them to simplify their operations, capture previously lost or unassigned costs and uncover hidden profits.

The Basics

4 Reasons You Need Fluid Control

An effective fluid control system dispenses only precise, pre-authorized volumes to create efficiencies for your entire shop operation. Here are the top 4 reasons why you need fluid control:

Equipment Selection

13 Reasons to Upgrade from Traditional Fluid Control

Pulse FC strays away from tradition and creates a new architecture for controlling fluids. These 13 reasons suggest why you should upgrade from traditional fluid control to Pulse FC fluid control: