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LORD CoolTherm SC-1200

Product Description:

LORD CoolTherm® SC-1200 thermally conductive silicone gap filler is a two-component system designed to provide excellent thermal conductivity for electronic and battery applications, while retaining desirable properties associated with silicones.

Video: Two-Component Gap Fill Dispense for Battery and Electronics Applications

Product Characteristics:

Colour: Grey Paste

Viscosity (@25°C):

  • SC-1200 Resin: 70,000 cps
  • SC-1200 Hardener: 70,000 cps

Thermal Conductivity (W/mk): 2.0

Hardness: 80

Mix Ratio: 1:1 by weight or volume


Recommended uses:

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Graco System Solution:

Graco provides a complete dispensing solution for CoolTherm® SC-1200 Thermally Conductive Silicone Gap Filler. Built with durable, wear-resistant components, this system is designed to withstand highly filled, abrasive materials.

MD2 Two-component Dispense Valve:

  • Designed to accurately dispense and mix plural-component materials
  • Minimises maintenance time and costs while maximising dispense time
  • Designed with fewer parts and is easy to clean
  • Streamlines maintenance and service

Electric Fixed Ratio (EFR) Meter, Mix Dispense System:

  • Electrically driven proportioner provides advanced material control in applications requiring consistent shot and beads
  • With an advanced precision driver that reaches up to 20 cycles per minute and requires limited maintenance
  • Built with Elite™ Z-pumps to withstand extreme wear from highly filled materials

Check-Mate Supply System:

  • Equipped with Elite™ lowers for thermal applications to withstand highly abrasive and highly filled materials
  • Reliably deliver one-component sealants, adhesives and other medium to high-viscosity materials from pails or drums to metering and dispensing systems
  • Designed with innovative features plus advanced pump and air motor technologies, Graco Supply Systems help maximise your plant’s production capacity

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