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XP-h Hydraulic Plural-Component Sprayer  Two-component spraying made easy and affordable

For hydraulic power, performance and cost-saving efficiencies

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XP-h Hydraulic Sprayer

Built with patented XP ratio technology, the Graco XP-h Hydraulic Plural-Component Sprayer is ideal for truck, palletized, trailer or flatbed systems that have on-board hydraulic power*. It is well-suited for OEM traffic marking applications. The system’s hydraulic motor has been optimized and rated to match the pressure capabilities of the NXT 6500 air motor used on Graco XP50 and XP70 sprayers.

GH™ Power Pack Accessory

The XP is now more versatile than ever for contractors wishing to take advantage of the convenience and efficiency of a gas-powered hydraulic system.  Hydraulic systems are energy efficient and provide very smooth changeovers on the XP resulting in well balanced pressures and the smoothest possible spray pattern.  

Target applications include:

  • Situations where a customer wants to tow only one trailer and eliminate the need for a large tow-behind compressor.  
  • Applications where a contractor already has small utility generators for the XP fluid heaters and small compressors capable of operating a solvent pump or transfer pumps with the XP. (Hydraulic solvent pumps are available separately from Graco, but would require a distributor to install onto the XP)

Ordering information

  1. 24X011 GH™ Power Pack for XP-h systems. See manual 334194 for more information. (Power pack must be ordered separately, not included with the XP-h packages)
  2. New Hydraulic XP’s mounted on a portable cart.   Packages include 7-gal hoppers, standard mix manifold, 35 ft. fluid hose and XTR gun.  See manual 3A0420 for technical information and operating instructions. (Power Pack not included)

XPH Parts_3
  • Available in three pressure ranges: 3500, 5000 and 7250 psi (241, 345 and 500 bar)
  • Standard mix ratios for protective coating materials available: 1:1, 2:1, 2.5:1, 3:1, 4:1
  • Available as a stand or wall-mount system
  • Fits onto the standard XP portable cart
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