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Bondway 8868 Thermal Interface Material

Bondway® 8868 is a thermally conductive adhesive polyurethane refined from polyether-modified polymer alloy. The two-component thermal interface material (TIM) brings high bonding strength and good thermal conductivity to battery and electronic components.

Product Characteristics

  Part A Part B
Colour Black White
Grey (combined)
Viscosity 6000 - 20000 cps 5000 - 50000 cps
10000-50000 cps (combined)
Thixotropy Index 2 - 5 3 - 6
Density 2.40 - 2.60 g/cm³ 2.50 - 2.70 g/cm³
2.45 - 2.65 g/cm³ (combined)
Mix Ratio By volume 100 100
By weight 100 105
Open Time ≥30 min  
Thermal Conductivity ≥1.5 W/(m.k)  
Hardness 50 - 70 Shore D
Applicable Temperature Range -40 to 85˚C

Recommended Uses

Bondway 8868 two-component thermal interface material can be used for bonding, fixing and heat dissipation in heat-generating electronic components.

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Solutions for Applying Bondway 8868 Thermally Conductive Adhesive

Dispensing solutions for Bondway 8868 thermally conductive adhesive polyurethane must withstand the highly filled and abrasive material. That is why Graco provides a complete system with Elite construction to meet Bondway 8868 application requirements*.

  • Supply Pumps: Check-Mate supply pumps provide advanced durability and reliability for transferring material.
  • Meter Mix and Dispense System:  Graco’s Hydraulic Fixed Ratio (HFR) system delivers unmatched durability, performance for two-component materials.
  • Dispense Valves: MD2 valves with Elite construction have been proven to dispense nearly 3,000 litres (more than 2 million cycles) of TIM blend with no failures detected.**

* Additional Elite construction system configurations are available depending on application and performance requirements.

 **Results may vary. Variables affecting component life include, but are not limited to, material chemistry/fillers, flow rate, cycle rate, maintenance diligence and system pressure.

Elite Construction Withstands Bondway 8868

Graco tested how Check-Mate supply pumps and HFR system with Elite construction performed while mixing, metering and dispensing Bondway 8868 thermally conductive adhesive polyurethane.

System Configuration for Two-Component Bondway Dispense Testing includes HFR with Elite Construction and 100cc Supply Pumps with Elite Construction.

The equipment with Elite construction dispensed at least 200,000 litres (50,000 gallons) before any wear on pump pistons and cylinders was noticed.

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Graco provides complete, end-to-end system solutions for applying Bondway 8868 and other thermal interface materials. Contact our experts about how we can configure a system to meet your application requirements.

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