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Xtreme-Duty Agitator  For Mixing High Viscosity Materials for Protective Coatings

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Xtreme-Duty Agitator - Cutaway

Properly Mixing Your Coatings is Step One

If material is not properly mixed, it will never reach optimal performance conditions despite the highest quality of pump, sprayer, and spray gun. The Xtreme-Duty Agitator is designed specifically with protective coatings materials in mind.

Able to mix common high solids coatings in 55-gallon (200 liters) drums, you will have better mixing and quality control over your high solids coatings. Special blades are designed to keep high viscosity materials in suspension.

How the Xtreme-Duty Agitator Works

Adjustable height, high-torque blades spin to lift material from bottom of the drum, reducing settling of material. An extra set of blades can be used for additional mixing capability.

Xtreme-Duty Agitator In Shop

The Xtreme-Duty Agitator Features:

  • Simple pneumatic controls
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Adjustable height
  • High-torque agitator
  • New blades optimized for high-solids coatings