Graco Inc.

GrindLazer HP RC1640 H  Rotary Scarifier

Designed for high-volume marking removal

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The GrindLazer HP RC1640 H rotary scarifier offers the highest rate of groove-free marking removal and can be used to remove markings on both concrete and asphalt surfaces. This machine uses three cutter assemblies to remove a path up to 40 cm wide. The RC1640 H operates off the vehicle’s high-flow hydraulic system.

No-Groove Line Eraser

  • Three rotary cutter head removes lines without leaving any grooves
  • Independant adjustment for pitch, depth and pressure offers ultimate control and no-damage removal on a wide range of surfaces

Multi-point Depth Control System

  • Multi-point depth adjustment for accurate depth control
  • Spring suspension allows the cutters to float on the surface

High-Flow Hydraulic system

  • Standard quick connections allows an easy operation off most high-flow hydraulic systems (115 lpm/30 gpm)

Jobsite Tough Design

  • Heavy-duty all-steel frame will hold up to the harsh jobsite environment 

Universal Bob-Tach® attachment

  • Quick-Attach, tool-free Backplate connection to most skid loader equipment

Vacuum Port for Dust Removal

  • Allows for connection of a LazerVac vacuum system for the reduction of airborne dust

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