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GRACO’s Reactor E-XP2 used to waterproof The World’s Largest Tent


ASTANA, Kazakhstan: Khan Shatyr ("The Royal Marquee") is a giant transparent tent in Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan. The 150 m high tent has a 200 m elliptical base covering 140,000 m². Underneath the tent, is an urban-scale internal park in an area larger than 10 football stadiums, with squares and cobbled streets, a boating river, a shopping centre, a mini golf and an indoor beach resort. The roof is constructed from ETFE-cushions. The construction of the tent-city was the responsibility of the Turkish company Sembol (SML). Construction started in December 2006 and was completed in July 2010 at a cost of $400 000 000.

SML wanted to waterproof and insulate the roof and artificial pool inside the Khan Shatyr with the industry’s wonder product – Polyurea. SML contracted part of the project to a contractor named Izosistem.


After successfully demonstrating the ease of applying Polyurea with GRACO’s Reactor™ E-XP2, along with its unique characteristics, the Polyurea applicator, Izosistem, was awarded the SML contract to waterproof the Khan Shatyr structure.


GRACO Reactor E-XP2 was the only unit transported from the contractor’s base to Kazakhstan along with 4 tons of BASF’s Elastocoat. Due to the fast reaction curing time of Polyurea, it allowed Izosistem to complete the project in just 3 days – well ahead of the time frame allocated for the coating part of the project.

BASF’s Elastocoat is a 1:1 ratio Polyurea which was applied at 2500 psi with a 70 deg C application temperature. Eight Izosistem employees worked on the site, where they worked in shifts from 10 am to 10 pm. During the project they reported back that, although their GRACO Reactor E-XP2 that travelled with them to the site in Kazakhstan looked worse for wear, they had no issues or down time with their unit.


Symbol Construction,, Izosistem

Industry Market Sector
Construction: water-proofing and building insulation

Waterproofing and polyurea Insulation for Roof and 2500 m² of artificial beach

Material Specifications
BASF – Elastocoat C 6335
Typical Properties: Part A – 1,00 Kg/ l; Part B – 1,11 Kg/ l
Pot life (25°C): 4 – 6 h; Density: 1000 kg/m3

GRACO Equipment
Reactor EXP-2 unit and Fusion air purge spray gun