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PressureTrak Ratio Assurance for XP Sprayers  Ensure your XP is spraying accurately and on-ratio

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On-ratio every time with PressureTrak

How PressureTrak works

PressureTrak detects off-ratio conditions and automatically shuts down the sprayer. Two pressure transducers read the A and B fluid pressures in the outlet manifold and send the readings back to PressureTrak. When A to B differential spray pressure is out of tolerance, PressureTrak shuts off the proportioner and the alarm code appears on the display.

Off-ratio conditions include:

  • Running out of material
  • Pump cavitation
  • Packing failures
  • Leaks in valves or fittings
  • Plugged filters

The PressureTrak kit includes:

  • PressureTrak Module with housing - displays A & B pressures while you’re spraying
  • Pressure transducers
  • Solenoid to stop air motor
  • Air motor cover