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HVLP EDGE II Guns  HVLP Spray Guns

Graco’s HVLP EDGE II Guns incorporate the newest technology and when used with Graco HVLP sprayers they allow contractors to achieve the highest quality finish available in the industry

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Maximize your spraying performance with the innovative HVLP EDGE II and EDGE II PLUS Guns. Cutting-edge technology delivers the highest quality finish available in fine finish spraying. 


4X More Productivity

  • Get your job done in 25% of the time
  • New exclusive Graco air cap design increases the fluid flow in every needle by 4X

FlexLiner Bag System

For the first time, spray in any direction only with Graco's HVLP sprayers with FlexLiner Technology.

  • FlexLiner Paint Bag System replaces traditional material cups for maintenance-free operation
  • Spray at any angle with no adjustment, even upside down
  • No suction tube to clean
  • Toss or reuse the FlexLiner Paint Bag, it's your choice making for easy cleanup

Patented Quick Release Needles

  • Change out needles from the front of the gun with just a click
  • Easy to change, easy to clean — no tools needed

Easy 3 Step Process:

  1. Remove front air cap and nozzle
  2. Slide trigger lever to release needle
  3. Pull needle out

EasyGlide Trigger and Ergonomic Gun Handle

  • 75% lighter trigger pull than the competition
  • 2-finger design gives ultimate control while spraying
  • Form-fitted handle stays cool to the touch for extended use

Adjustable Air Cap

  • 3-position rotation quickly changes spray pattern
  • Choose from horizontal, vertical, and round


Single User Control

  • Combines material and air flow into one simple control
  • Optimized to spray the majority of fine finish applications
  • Quick adjustment with 360° rotation and indicator for repeatable spray setting

Available models:

  • HVLP EDGE II Gun with FlexLiner
  • HVLP EDGE II Gun with Material Cup

EDGE II Plus Gun

Ultimate Control

  • Independent user controls
    • Material Volume Control
    • Air Flow Control
    • Spray Fan Size Control
  • Quick adjustment with full 360° rotation

Available models:

  • HVLP EDGE II Plus Gun with FlexLiner
  • HVLP EDGE II Plus Gun with Material Cup
  • HVLP EDGE II Plus Gun for ProComp system