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GrindLazer Pro RC813 G DCS  Professional Series

The “No-Groove Line Eraser” is ideal for removing lines without grooves or leaving any ghost lines.

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The GrindLazer Pro RC813 G DCS is the ideal choice for when you need to remove lines without grooves. The rotary action of this scarifier hovers over the surface, resulting in line removal without leaving any ghost lines - making this the “No-Groove Line Eraser.”


Advanced Depth Control System

  • Easily control an accurate cut depth with the remote momentary switch while keeping both hands on the GrindLazer
  • Eliminates measuring, guesswork and damage due to “dropped drums”

Ultimate Control and Application Flexibility

  • User settable “zero point” to match cutter assembly
  • Displays “active depth”
  • Robust design stands up the harsh abuse
  • Fully encapsulated electronic components
  • Ultimate protection from vibration, jobsite and weather conditions

No-Groove Line Eraser

  • Rotary cut removes lines without leaving any grooves
  • Independent adjustment for pitch, depth and pressure - giving you ultimate control and no-damage removal on a wide range of surfaces

Durable Honda® Power with Electric Start

  • Contractor-preferred power
  • Easy starting with the flip of a switch - even in cold weather

All-Steel Frame with Tilt-Up Chassis

  • Heavy-duty design will hold up to the harsh jobsite environment
  • Toolless chassis design for quick and easy cutter removal

Maintenance-free Design

  • Sealed bearings for extended life and ease of use
  • Dual Purpose Tachometer and hour meter displays engine RPM’s while running and tracks usage for maintenance – ensuring your equipment is in top shape

Dust-Free Vacuum Port

  • Allows for connection of a LazerVac vacuum system for the reduction of airborne dust

Available Pro Series Rotary-style cutters:

  • Wire Brush
  • Carbide Pin 24
  • Carbide Pin 48
  • Carbide Pin 72
  • Carbide Pick