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Digestion tower renovation in Gräfrath sewage treatment works

FluidSystems supports digestion tower renovation with modern plant engineering

In the course of the renovation and extension work carried out in the Gräfrath sewage treatment works a digestion tower in the gas phase area was renovated and severe concrete corrosion had to be treated over an area of approx. 200 m². 

After cleaning with a high pressure water system and priming with EP primer, a polyurea system was applied. Polyurea is an extremely reactive two-pack coating material based on amine and isocyanate. Polyurea is characterised by its high chemical resistance, elasticity, tensile strength and resistance to hydrolysis. The overall thickness of the coating was an average of 2500 µm and it was applied in one operation by the spray process. 

The polyurea system was applied using the Reactor™ E-XP special multi-component metering system. The plant engineering was provided by FluidSystems. The Reactor is specially designed for processing fast-setting materials such as polyurea and PU foams. Metering is carried out via the two-pack plant, material pressure and temperature can be set individually. The components are mixed in the spray gun so that it can be used without washing agents. All the renovation work was constantly monitored by the sewage treatment work operator and successfully concluded within a short period. 

Shaft renovation, tank sealing and reservoir repairs are some of the other possible applications for this innovative coating material and engineering technology. Sample surfaces can be produced without any problems, since FluidSystems can support new users with trained staff and equipment hire at any time. 

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