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New Graco technology at Hobby Caravans

Companies are always seeking for better production methods to be more efficient finally to reduce costs at their production lines. Since long time the mobile home manufacturer Hobby Caravan was using glass fibre to reinforce the spoilers on their mobile homes. These are spoilers on top of the roof, side skirts, wheel covers, all kind of spoilers to give the vehicle a better shape and esthetical added value.
Spraying with glass fibre is pretty difficult for a company as there are many environmental rules and the production itself is also messy. There are always glass fibre particles around and the whole production space is full with these particles.
With the introduction of a new foam material from their supplier Kleiberit, Hobby Caravan started looking for the best application method in the production process.


There may be more ways to spray the foam of Kleiberit but the Graco Reactor was found the most efficient way to do this. Together with distributor Fluid Systems a test was set up. After checking the material data sheet the Reactor H-XP2 was found as the best solution to do the test. Some materials were tested with different mix chambers and tips and found the perfect combination with a Fusion Clear Shot gun.

Spraying with Polyurethane is the proper solution as this technology is highly efficient for this application. It covers the whole model including all angles, unevenness’s and joints. The H-XP2  is very easy to use with a high mixing ratio. The machine is very accurate, it is important to spray the proper layer on the surface as this defines the use of material and reduction of noise. With the H-XP2 they perfectly can spray the layer to meet the standards. It doesn’t really requires to clean the Fusion Clear shot gun as it clears itself automatically after the gun is triggered, but at the end of the day it is necessary to do the basic cleaning and on long term this will minimize use of spare parts. This technology creates also flexibility to spray models after sales “on the spot” if necessary.