Indoor Paint Striping Machines are Suitable for Versatile Applications

Indoor floor markings for sport halls, car parks or warehouses ask for special products and machines.

Indoor paint striping machines are suitable for versatile applications

Indoor floor markings come in different shapes and sizes. In warehouses, floor markings help increase safety and productivity. In indoor parking garages they facilitate traffic flow and mark individual parking spots and in indoor sport halls they indicate the edges and zones of different types of sport courts. Using the right striping machine and paint is essential to meet the various challenges of indoor floor marking.

Warehouse floor marking: get organized & stay safe

Businesses around the world, from the biggest multinational to your local grocery store, share a similar challenge: how to manage distribution and inventory efficiently. One solution is the right floor marking. Paints on epoxy- or polyurethane are commonly used for floor markings in warehouses.

Whether painted lines or tape lines, floor marking increases warehouse productivity and safety and serves different company needs:

  • Direct traffic flow within the warehouse
  • Indicate (un)loading areas
  • Separate workers from machines
  • Warn for hazardous areas
  • Outline emergency exit paths

Car park line marking: efficient traffic flow

Paint line markings in indoor car parks manage traffic flow and keep drivers and pedestrians safe and protected. The floor in car parks is exposed to many different elements and heavy traffic every day of the year. The chemical resistance and abrasion resistance of the floor paint is crucial for the safe guidance of drivers and the control of maintenance costs. You can find specialized parking lot line striping paints that are durable and easy to apply.

Line marking for indoor turf and artificial grass: a multicolour challenge

Indoor sport halls ask for specific line markings. To create a multi-purpose sport court you need line markings in different colours to differentiate all field lines. The line marks of indoor sports fields must follow strict guidelines. An accurate design layout and application of individual court markings is important to avoid line markings clashing or being too close to each other.

A professional line striper machine is the perfect tool for a meticulous job. Because field markings are subject to heavy wear, a two-part polyurethane paint is a smart choice.

Choose floor marking tape or paint for your indoor application?

On the market you find both paint and floor tape for the marking of indoor floors. Both have their specific advantages and disadvantages. In environments where durability is an important aspect (e.g. sport halls and car parks), floor paint is always the best solution. Painted floor marking can be expected to last longer than floor tapes, including the special durable floor tapes. Paint adheres to concrete as well if not better than adhesives, but is not as thick so is less susceptible to damage by impact.

The use of the right striping machine makes the appliance of floor marking paint very easy.

In some situations however the use of paint markings is not possible:

  • The property owner does not allow painting indoors.
  • Food products in a warehouse cannot be exposed to fumes.
  • The floor marking configurations change frequently.

In the above mentioned cases, the use of floor marking tape is recommended. Using tape for floor marking is cost-efficient thanks to low material and application costs.

Floor marking tape does not require any dry time. Consequently the use of floor marking tape reduces downtime to a minimum.

Which line striper is suited for indoor floor marking?

An engine-propelled line striper makes every large line striping job easier. For indoor application however you should take into account a few aspects. In some buildings you cannot use a line striper with a petrol engine because of the hazardous fumes. For these situations there are line stripers with electrical engines. These eco-friendly and relatively quiet machines are also a solution to avoid complaints about noise. Keep in mind that an electrically-propelled line striper costs 25% more than a model with petrol engine.

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