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Shopping center uses Graco’s Reactor™ E-XP2

A total of 2.500m2 completed within a few days


The Migros Mall Shopping Center

The MIGROS MALL SHOPPING CENTER, located in Antalya, decided to recoat their food court floor. Under the Mediterranean Sun of Antalya, the food court serves thousands of visitors every day. Insulation in addition to job quality, aesthetics and flexibility were required. 

The project needed to be completed within a few days. Therefore, Graco’s Reactor™ E-XP2 was suggested by distributor Arsan Yapi to complete the project within the time frame and at the desired quality level. The application of polyurea took place at 2.500 psi, with an easy-to-use lightweight gun. This proved very convenient, considering the hot climate. The operator of the Graco air purge gun with 01 mix chamber said that the ergonomic design and the low maintenance needs were great advantages.

The contractor company and the application engineers were satisfied with the performance of the Reactor™ E-XP2 on site. A shortened hose length, thanks to the mobility of the E-XP2 design, provided less operator fatigue.

A total of 2.500m2 was completed within just a few days.

For more information, please contact Graco distributor: 
Arsan Yapi Insaat 
Tel: ( 90) 0242 248 83 54