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Giving old industrial floors a new life!



Petrol stations are often burdened by traffic. Their ground surface is often contaminated by petrol and oil, and with regular oil spills, the ground is often slippery.

Many entrepreneurs know the problem: their impervious floor coating is ten to fifteen years old and really worn out. Repair is useless, as not only the joints leak, but the stones are worn out and the old coating peels off. There is nothing left to do than to replace the old floor.



For these types of floors, Quint Coating Systems has a solution: they have developed a specific coating to give these floors a new life. They spray this high quality coating directly on the old floor which provides a good foundation. The coating is liquid proof and within two days, there is a new floor with a lifetime of approximately ten years.

The top coat has better anti-slip properties. A nice feature of this top coating is that it is available in many colours. The floors can also be delivered with a logo design or other patterns. Quint uses a polyurea that is sprayed at 180 bar pressure, which has a pot-life of about 30 sec. They use a Graco Reactor™ E-XP2 with T2™ pumps and a Fusion™ AP gun to apply their coating to the ground.



Applying this specific coating with the above Graco equipment provides the following advantages:

  • After one day, cars can drive over the coating
  • After 72 hours, the floor is 100 percent hard and chemical resistant.

Quint Coating Systems has been creating new impermeable floors for service stations and car washes for the past three years. Test floors in ten BP filling stations have provided good results which have led to the laying of new floors at more stations.




Quint Coating Systems

Industry Market Sector
Coating Industry

Old floors get a new life

Material Specifications
Own brand of Quint based on Texaco coating

Typical Properties
Pressure is 180 bar. Temperature is 70°C.

Graco Equipment
Reactor E-XP2

Reactor E-XP2 – T2 feeding pumps – 60 m hose length – Fusion AP gun

Graco Distributor Details
Paintit, Da Vincilaan 25
6716 WC Ede
The Netherlands