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A smoother spray pattern thanks to a simplified process

Can Gaz was established in 1975 and soon became a leading industrial gas distributer in the country. In 2005 the company widened its product range with a variety of medical gases. For the past year, Can Gaz has been manufacturing steel structures and pipelines for energy plants, which has involved steel blasting and coating tasks.

Driven by the need to cut costs, save time and improve quality, Can Gaz received a demonstration of e-Xtreme from Fresko, leading to purchase of an Ex45 unit. They have been using it to apply two-component surface tolerant epoxy coatings on steel structures and pipelines.

To date, no problems have been experienced, and Can Gaz have expressed satisfaction with their purchase. The significantly smoother and more uniform spray pattern of the e-Xtreme is because the unit’s software minimizes pressure drop effects during change-over. It also reduces the pulsation transmitted to the painter, resulting in reduced operator fatigue.