Graco Inc.

Blasting vessel without damaging the wood

Originally established as a marine engineering company in 1924, Malakoff Limited is now the leading engineering and fabrication contractor in the Shetland Islands, a subarctic archipelago belonging to Scotland. Based in Lerwick, Shetland, Malakoff provides a comprehensive range of services for the oil & gas, utilities and renewables sectors.

Revolutionary alternative

Malakoff recently completed the blasting and painting of the hull – both above and below the waterline – of the whitefish trawler FV Devotion. This 22.85 meter long, 7.00 meter beam vessel was originally constructed in 1993 from larch on oak. Due to its wooden construction, conventional sandblasting was not possible, but thanks to the vapour blasting of EcoQuip 2, the entire hull could be stripped back to bare wood with no damage.

Expanding services

The Graco EcoQuip 2 vapour blaster was purchased from Fluid Technologies Ltd at the end of 2016 and has proved an invaluable asset to the Malakoff blasting service. It has enabled Malakoff to add a new service to its capabilities: the complete removal of foul from wooden hulled vessels, a process that has been traditionally difficult and uneconomic. The flexibility of the EcoQuip 2 also allowed it to be used to blast the steel sheathing for a complete finish.