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FieldLazer S90  Graco’s dedicated Airless Sports Field Stripers

Give your Sports Field what it deserves: Quality lines !!

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FieldLazer S90

Airless Spraying atomizes the paint, produces fine particles, and gives bright, sharp and uniform lines. Only one pass paints the line completely. Airless sprayed paint dries quicker so the field can be used faster after it’s painted.

Battery powered simplicity combined with paint saving, high-pressure airless technology. With its Tilt-N-Pour removable hopper, one button operation and proven RAC 5 spray tips, the S90 is designed for easy start-up, use and cleaning, saving you both time and money.

Professional advantages

  • Airless High-Pressure Spray Technology gives you better coverage on the grass resulting in Professional, Crisp and Bright Lines
  • Simple to Use, Clean and Store, cutting operation time signifi cantly
  • Spray stencils and corner kicks with the Removable Spray Gun

Sports Field Marker
Maximum working pressure
1200 psi
8.3 MPa, 83 bar
Recommended Tip Size
Maximum Tip Size
60 lb
27.2 kg
40 in.
101.6 cm
23 in.
58.4 cm
36 in
91.4 cm
Storage temperature range *Pump damage will occur if fluid freezes in pump **Damage to plastic parts may result if impact occurs in low temperature conditions
33° to 120° F
1° to 48° C
Operating temperature range *Changes in paint viscosity at very low or very high temperatures can affect sprayer performance
33° to 120° F
1° to 48° C
Sound Pressure Level (per ISO 3744 measured at 3.1 ft or 1m)
79.2 dBa sound pressure level 93.8 dBa sound power level
79.2 dBa sound pressure level, 93.8 dBa† sound power level
Vibration Level Acceleration (per ISO 5349, no load condition)
Less than 5.5 feet/s²
Less than 1.7 m/s²
Charging Time
6 hours to 80%, 6 to 14 to 100%
6 hours to 80%, 6 to 14 to 100%
Power Source
120/240 VAC
120 /240VAC
Voltage (DC)
12 V Maximum
12 V Maximum
22 Ah, 264 Wh
22 Ah, 264 Wh
Current Rating
30 Amp
30 Amp
Automotive, Regular ATO
Automotive, Regular ATO